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MOTs mandatory again from 1st August 2020. If your MOT is due from 1st August 2020 onwards, call us now to book yours.  

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A double car exhaust

Get a great new exhaust

Have a safer car

Your exhaust is an essential component. It carries toxic fumes away from your vehicle. If your exhaust is spluttering or banging, or seems louder than usual, contact Russell Garage. We carry out a complete range of exhaust repairs. It can cost less than you think, and will ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Repairing your exhaust

•  Cracked pipes

•  Corrosion

•  Catalytic converter

•  Lambda sensor

•  Exhaust manifold

•  Brackets and studs

•  Silencer

•  Tail pipe

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Fitting a new, sportier exhaust to your car can give a significant boost in performance. For this, and other vehicle modifications, call our repair centre today.

To discuss your exhaust problems, phone

Don't fit an exhaust repair bandage yourself. It is a temporary repair, and unreliable. We'll carry out permanent repairs to your exhaust system.

Exhaust fitting

A car engine