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MOTs mandatory again from 1st August 2020. If your MOT is due from 1st August 2020 onwards, call us now to book yours.  

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Banish those MOT worries

The perfect MOT preparation

A failed MOT will cost you time and money. If you're concerned that your car may fail the MOT test, we can help alleviate that risk. Russell Garage carry out thorough testing of everything that will be included on the MOT. It will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will sail through the test.

Test level vehicle inspections

•  Brakes

•  Engine

•  Clutches and gearbox

•  Steering and wheels

•  Framework and seating

•  Exhaust

•  Mirrors and glass

•  Horns and lighting

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Does your vehicle sit unused for long periods of time? It can be damaging to the battery and alternator. We provide maintenance and repairs for your battery, alternator and starter motor.

Book a pre-MOT test inspection, phone us on

If we find a fault on your vehicle that would cause it to fail its MOT, we will, with your permission, carry out repairs that will exceed the level required by the MOT.

Battery maintenance

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